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5 Secrets to Grilling Vegetables on the Grill

5 Secrets to Grilling Vegetables in the Grill

Grilling is not all about meat. We have to give credit to vegetables, too. Though some may say it is a bit challenging to perfectly grill vegetables, I can say it only needs a dash of suave moves. When your guests take their first bite, they will know that you are THE (wo)man to beat in grilling! Here, I have prepared five secrets on how to make your grilled vegetables a ready feast to the palette!

#1 Marinate your vegetables ahead of time. 15 minutes before grilling time is good but it would be better if you have marinated it one hour ahead, covered it and stored it in the fridge. This way, the flavor will soak itself in the veggie. When grilling, make sure that they are dry before applying oil or it won’t stick. Brushing it with high-quality oil helps the vegetables stick to the grills.

# 2 Prepare the vegetables and the grill before grilling. When I say prepare, this means, you need to trim and wash the vegetables first to ensure that it has been cleaned properly. Same with the grill. You don’t want your veggies to taste like burnt meat (unless you want to venture on new flavors—burnt flavor). Soak your veggies in water before cooking to keep it fresh and retain its water. Veggies that look dehydrated are not really that appealing, trust me. Also, cut vegetables in half or into thick slices. Make it at least ½ inch thick for hard veggies. For smaller pieces, cut them in consistent size pieces for same grilling time duration. 

# 3 Pre-heat the grill. Prepare a medium-hot fire in the charcoal or gas grill. This ensures that heat is evenly distributed. If it’s your first time to grill vegetables, you’ll be very conscious of the time because you want everything to be perfect. Pre-heating the grill can help you in estimating the cooking time. Be cautious by having a fire extinguisher nearby just in case you discovered that blazing fire is not the medium heat you’re looking for.

# 4 If you want to have a smokier flavor, keep the grilled vegetables covered. But if you want to still get the natural juices of the veggies, leave the grill uncovered. Turn the veggies frequently and brush with additional marinade or oil to prevent drying.  Either way, you will still get the flavor you want. Just keep a closer watch to avoid burning them.

# 5 How not to overcook? Never leave your veggies unattended. Unlike meat, these are time and heat sensitive. Also make a mental note that veggies’ cooking time varies depending on the size and thickness. When you see the vegetables begin blistering, remove them. Even when they’re no longer in direct heat, it will continue to cook. Aim for a smoky flavor not the burnt flavor, unless again, that was your original goal.


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