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5 Tips on Grilling Corn on the Cob For Ultimate Flavor

5 Tips on Grilling Corn on the Cob For Ultimate Flavor

If Thanksgiving has its turkey, summer would not be complete without the corn on the cob! It is a part of our summer ritual to experiment on different ways on how to eat this. (I’m thinking fried. Hmmm.) Let’s check some tips on how to have a pleasant summer partnered with this delightful experience!

# 1 Fresh corn, anyone?

The best secret here is the main ingredient itself. Make sure it is fresh by buying it when you need it. (There’s no need for corn hoarding.) Remove the husk only when you are ready to cook it. You’ll know if it’s fresh when the tassel at the end of the corn is soft and silky. If it’s hard and brittle or if it’s no longer there, then freshness is no longer guaranteed.

 # 2   (Re)move it, baby.

Before washing the corn, wash your hands first. Makes sense, huh? Clean the corn by removing the husk, if this is what you prefer. Remove the extra silk threads because they burn easily. Don’t forget to wash them really well under cool running water. Water can also help in retaining some of its juices.

# 3 Husk on or off, mate!

 You might be wondering if keeping the husk on or off would affect the taste. It really is just a matter of preference.  Grilling it with the husk on can give the corn a very strong roasted flavor and a wonderful aroma. Both methods work well so try each one and check which is your favorite.

# 4  Seasoning in the sun!

Aside from butter, salt and pepper, you can also be more adventurous by trying other seasonings such as minced garlic, basil, cilantro, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, lemon pepper, Worcestershire sauce, squeezed lime juice or any of your other favorite seasonings. All these additional flavors can make your corn on the cob more interesting. There is no limit to your imagination! (Just make sure it is still edible. *wink*wink*)

# 5  Dry spells.

Using water bottles for spraying the corn from time to time can help it from drying out. When you don’t watch the corn closely or attend to it, it will become so dry that your guests (or even family members – your very own) will doubt your grilling skills. If they can’t trust you with corn in the cob, they will not trust you with the steak. Having your handy dandy water bottle can also put out any flare-ups (and save your eyebrows, too). 




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