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Absolute Best Way to Grill a Steak in 3 Easy Steps


Absolute Best Way to Grill a Steak in 3 Easy Steps

Ah, steaks! How can we live without them? A perfect dinner date would involve the most exquisite wine, slow music in the background and the perfect steak. However, why should you wait for that perfect evening (and spending a fortune) if you can create a great steak at your own home. This way, you can even impress your date with your culinary expertise—at least with the steak.

Step 1: Great Beef means Great Steak

Aside from being having gifted taste buds, knowing how to select a steak is one skill I can be proud of. Let me tell you that it is important to select the cut you’d like for your beef. If you want a boneless steak, choose tenderloin (fillet)—it’s the most tender (and the toughest on your wallet). The New York strip is boneless and is the best steak for grilling. T-bone and porterhouse are similar cuts with the large bone. Rib eye steak is also known as the ‘Prime Rib’ because it is heavily marbled and the most flavorful. Then we have the top sirloin which has full flavor but not as tender as the other cuts. (These are arranged according to tenderness, tenderloin being on top of the list.)

Which has the best taste? It all depends on the marbling – the amount of fat that is inside the meat. These are the flecks or seams of white that can be seen throughout the steak. The more marbling, the better the taste! For grilling, the thicker the beef, the better (2 inches thick would be just right). 

Step 2:  Don’t forget the Basics

You can avoid sticking and tearing the meat (and therefore losing its juices) by making sure the grill has been cleaned and that the grilling rack has been properly lubricated with any oil.

Don’t forget to pre-heat the grill after cleaning and lubricating it. If using a gas grill, put it in a high temperature. If it’s charcoal, heat it up until coated with ash. Spread it for even heat.  Don’t make it too hot, though or you’ll burn the steak before the inside is cooked. Put your hand over the grill, if you cannot tolerate the heat anymore after 3-4 seconds, then it’s hot enough.

Step 3: It’s Grilling Time!

Season the steaks with kosher salt and fresh black pepper or whatever suits your taste. You can also brush it with light olive oil. Then, with a preheated grill, place the steak on the grill for at least 5 minutes, turn it and grill the second side for at least 5 minutes. For the diamond pattern of grill marks, make quarter-turns halfway through cooking each side. You can also move it to other parts of the grill to avoid flame-ups. Turning too soon can prevent searness from taking place.

Step 4: It’s Done!

Testing for doneness takes practice. Beginners can use a small knife to make a little cut and check the inside. An instant-read food thermometer would also be of great help. For the more experienced cooks, the pressure test is all they need. Rare steak is soft; medium is firm but snaps back quickly; well done is firm.

Let the steak cool down for 2-3 minutes to allow the juice to ooze out and to make the steak look like it has been prepared by a master chef!




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