Grilling Tips - The Ultimate Guide to a Delicious Backyard BBQ

Best Outdoor Grilling Tips From a Pro

Best Outdoor Grilling Tips From a Pro

What’s better than cooking in a kitchen? Outdoor cooking, of course! The greater part is that we can roast, steam, bake, smoke, sear, grill and more. Here, we will focus on how to get the most out of your outdoor grilling experience.

Ready as always

Grilling is an activity that needs proper preparation. Want to save time? Make sure that everything you need is just within reach. When you see your meat engulfed with larger than normal flames, the worst question you can ask yourself at this point of time would be, “Where is that fire extinguisher?” Check the materials and all the ingredients. Aside from saving yourself time, you can also spare yourself some undeserved stress.


The golden rule in grilling is preheating. How would you know if it’s hot enough to start grilling? Put your hand on top of it. Count for 3 seconds. If you can no longer bear the heat after 3 seconds, then it’s ready. For instance, if you put your burger patties on the grill without checking the heat, chances are, your guests would not trust you with their burgers again. 

Clean ‘em up!

Cleaning the grill can help in its air circulation. By using a stiff brush, remove the burnt food from the last cookout. You don’t want your fresh meat to have a close encounter with your barbeque of last month, right? This will not just affect the safety of the food but it will also affect the taste.

 Oil the grill

After cleaning it and before using it, make sure that you brush it with vegetable oil (or any kind of oil) so the food won’t stick to the grill. This is one of the most basic parts of outdoor grilling.

Include the Veggies

If you can grill the meat, why exclude the vegetables? Put them on the grill when you are almost done with the meat. You can brush them with oil and grill them directly over the fire. Another option is by wrapping them with a foil. Put some oil and seasonings and let it absorb the flavors in the grill.

Close or Open

Keep the lid closed when grilling so that the temperature inside will remain consistent. Though you need to watch it closely, just watch the time and temperature but not the food itself every single time. A closed lid will also prevent flare-ups, retain natural juices and moisture. 

Being ready

Keep all the cooking materials near you. If you think you’ll be using the spatula, make sure it’s already there or else, you’ll be running back and forth from the kitchen to your backyard. We are aiming for a juicy barbeque and not a sweaty cook. Brisk walking (or running) has its right time and place. So, to avoid accidents and stress, organize everything before you start. 

Indirect and Direct methods

If you want to cook it fast, use the direct method by putting the meat directly over the fire. Chicken breasts and other chicken parts, fish fillet, chops, burgers and frankfurters are great with the direct method.  Don’t forget to close the lid!  The indirect method is used for slow cooking such as whole chicken, turkey roasts and pork ribs.  This uses just one side of the burner or a water pan.



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