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Grilling the Perfect Steak

Grilling the Perfect Steak 

Perfection is something that we have always desired. This habit of looking and aiming for perfection is a bit elusive in grilling steaks, though. Not anymore.

I know that I almost sound like the voice over in home tv shopping advertisements. (I am tempted to say, ‘and wait, there’s more!) However, I won’t be promising you anything that would cost you money. Here are some of the great tips I have for grilling steaks to make sure that whatever you see in restaurants, you can also do at home.

Step 1: Hot, hot, hot!.

Make sure that before you place the meat on the grill, it should be hot enough to handle the meat. The real secret is to grill the meat fast so it won’t lose its juices. The longer it stays on the grill, the drier it will become. So, test the grill by putting your hand over it and if you can no longer tolerate the heat (for about 3-4 seconds), then it is ready.Oh, yes, before I forget, oil the grill lightly to avoid meat sticking to the bars. You won’t like it if that happens.

When grilling, keep the lid closed. Also make sure that the meat is in room temperature and not frozen. Watch out for flare ups but don’t watch it too close or less you might burn your eyebrows. When you see that the side of the meat is already grayish and has grill marks, flip the meat. When the meat is already gray on both sides, it’s time to check if it’s already done.

Step 2:Well done… or not

The first method, the most accurate method, would be to use an instant read thermometer. The downside in using this method to check the temperature is you have to pierce the meat which will cost you the juices. (Why can’t we have our steak, er, cake and eat it, too?)

The second method though takes practice to master. This is the touch method. Take your index finger and gently touch it to your thumb. Push down on the fleshy part of your hand and it should feel soft and mushy. This is how a rare steak should feel like. If you use your middle finger, you’ll get medium rare. With the index finger, you’ll have medium and with the pinky, well-done.

Step 3: Got the right cut?

The meat’s cut and quality will also have a great contribution on getting the perfect grilled steak. We have different cuts which include filet mignon (most tender but not the most flavorful), New York strip (excellent steak for cook outs), rib eye (one of the juiciest and most tender), porterhouse (popularly known as the best of all steaks), t-bone ( a succulent cut which is also one the favorite cuts) and top sirloin ( a great cut for grilling).

Step 4: Give the steak a rest.

When done, remove the steak from the grill but don’t serve it right away. Put it on a plate and give it 5-10 minutes to let the juice spread back so you’ll have a juicier steak with a nice touch of crust. This also helps in distributing the juices evenly. Perfecting grilled steaks would take some practice so keep doing it until you become an expert on this. Good luck! Now, hurry up and serve those steaks!


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